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Thank you kindly to my readers who post good reviews on amazon. They are much appreciated. I write for you, my readers, so it’s always wonderful to have positive feed back. It’s inspirational for the book I am working on. It’s also wonderful to have my latest book released in English at the same time as the German release. I hope Flight of the Jabiru is as well received as the German translation.    ...

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Flight of the Jabiru

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Flight of the Jabiru was released this week. In German (title Dreams under the Red Sun) and in English as an e-book. This is the first time I’ve had a book come out simultaneously in English and German, so it was exciting. I’ve had a new editor and translator, so hopefully the books will do well. Other than that, I’m working on the outline for a new book. I’ve scrapped my first idea. I can’t seem to come up with good plots for books set by the sea for some reason. I live by the sea, but I’m always more inspired by inner Australia, the outback or the bush. After trying to do this twice, I’m going to give up and stick to what inspires me more. In saying this, Whispers in the Wind was near the sea on Kangaroo Island, but most...

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