Hi, everyone, 

It’s been a long time since I posted, but here goes. I’m just finishing In the Valley of Rainbow Mist, which is set in the Blue Mountains region in Australia in 1925. Staircase to the Moon will be released next February along with the English version. I should’ve finished the book by now, but with family coming for Christmas I’m so distracted with washing curtains and putting up all the Christmas trimmings. You know how it is!  Apart from that it’s been a pretty good year. I had an eye operation for a cataract. That was interesting as it was done while I was conscious. I actually watched it through blurry vision. Unfortunately it was hayfever season and my eyes were very irritated and itchy, so I had an uncomfortable two weeks where I couldn’t really see the computer to write and both eyes were driving me mad. However, now I can see in the distance, which is a novelty and I’m not a danger to anyone driving.

I post on facebook far more than here, but I’ll try to make more effort.

So Merry Christmas everyone. Have a wonderful break and see you in the New Year.

Staircase to the Moon



Welcome to my New Page

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Hi, everyone, How do you like my new page? Pretty wonderful, isn’t it? I wanted something that really depicts the Australian bush and the settings of my novels. I think that’s been achieved. There will be a lot more content soon, so please come back and have a look. Meanwhile I’ve started a new book, FLIGHT OF THE JABIRU. I’ve done four chapters and I think it’s going really well. This book is set in Darwin. I will be heading up there in July, as it’s too hot up there now. In July it will be freezing down...

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New Year, New Book

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Hi, everyone. Well it’s January, 2013. I’ve done the outline for FLIGHT OF THE JABIRU and started Chapter One. Several things have happened in the past few months since I last posted here. As you know I’ve had an ongoing problem with neck pain while sitting at the computer. I think I’ve finally solved that problem, something I was determined to do, and had to do, if I wanted to continue to write. I’ve bought several chairs in the past few years, and got rid of them, as none were perfect. This year I decided I had...

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We’ve Lost an Angel

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I want to dedicate this blog to my sister-in-law, Nada Kowalski. Nada was a truly beautiful person. Everyone who met her, loved her. She passed away on May 21st after her life support machine was turned off. About two years ago, Nada discovered she had breast cancer. She had chemotherapy, and radiation and was given the all clear. Three months ago she had a check up and was still all clear. Just recently she had fluid on the lungs. When she went to the hospital to get it removed, it took three attemps of inserting a needle between her ribs. On...

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Travelling Books

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Travelling Books

Hi, Everyone, I’m well into the new book, working on the sixth chapter. The last couple of weeks have been good because the Bowen therapy is finally working. Being able to write with no neck or shoulder pain is wonderful. At last I can concentrate on what I’m doing. Perfect timing, too, as I’m on the German best seller list again, and very happy about that. I received an email from a friend, that was forwarded from her son who is travelling in South America. He is now travelling with someone he met along the way and an avid...

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Almost Christmas

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Hi, everyone, it’s been along while. After a much needed rest, I’ve written an outline for a new book. Actually, it wasn’t that easy. It took about three goes before I was happy with it. But it’s been approved by my agent and editor and that’s always a relief. I won’t actually get started on the writing because Christmas is almost here and that’s too distracting. My sister will be visiting next week from the Gold Coast, so I’m looking foward to that. We only see each other about once a year, so...

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A trip up the “Guts” of Australia

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Hi, everyone, I’ve just been for a trip “up the guts” of Australia, as the Aussie’s say. I didn’t go all the way to Darwin, just as far as Alice Springs. That was still a four thousand kilometer round trip. We spent the first night in the very ugly town of Coober Pedy. Driving into town was like arriving in the wild west. Not a blade of grass to be seen, just bitumen covered in red dust. I’d hate to think what it would be like in summer. We stayed in the Desert Cave Motel, in an underground room. It...

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Finally the book is finished

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Hi, everyone, well finally, Beyond the Red Horizon is finished. It was tough going because of my sore neck and wrist, but I finished the final chapter last Tuesday week while on serious doses of pain killers for RSI. Since then, all I’ve done is shop, something else that can give the wallet Repetitive Strain Injury. Seriously, the last ten chapters were gruelling, but well worth the effort, because they turned out so good. My agent said they were the best batch I’ve ever handed in, so that made all the pain worthwhile. Now for a...

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Building the Ark

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Hi, everyone, I’m sure you’ve seen the Australian floods on your TV’s. Brisbane is finally drying out with much of Queensland and now thousands of volunteers have moved in to help with the clean up. The spirit of the Australian people is admirable. Strangers are lending a hand to people in need. It’s just wonderful to see. So many people have turned up with brooms and shovels that the authorities are asking them not to come because the streets in Brisbane’s CBD are being clogged. Unfortunately Victoria and towns...

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Floods and Fires

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Hi, everyone, I’m sure you’ve seen the shocking floods on your television. It’s unbelievable. The eastern coast, or much of it, is under water, and fires are raging in the west. We’re sitting in the middle having wonderful weather, so far. The water in Queensland is a once in a hundred year event, or so they say. Something similar actually happened in 1974. Since then more dams have been built, but they’re not really helping with all this rain. And there’s more to come. On my home front, I’ve been...

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It’s Done

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Hi, there, Max has fully recovered from his surgery, which was as expected, a huge tactical undertaking, and that was just to get him to the vet surgery. I had to give him sedatives at home to make him sleepy, but when we got to the vet, he still refused to go through the door, so we had to drag him. He growled when the vet tried to listen to his heart and so was given an injection to make him even more sleepy. He was then carried by three people (he weighs 63 kg) to a table for an ex-ray. It was very scary because when he was given the...

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