Flight of the Jabiru

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I‘ve almost finished writing Flight of the Jabiru. Only three chapters to go. I had planned to have it finished before the builder started my new office, but like all plans, that one went awry. It’s been a very strange few months. Not only am I busy writing, but I have several friends who are very ill with cancer. Honestly, I’ve never known so many people to have cancer. It’s rather daunting and makes you question your own mortality. Such a serious subject.

I am rather excited about my new office, though, and having more room. Most of all I need more book shelves. I have so many books as publishers keep sending me copies and they are starting to take over the house. They’re everywhere. As they’re all in foreign languages and I don’t know anyone who can read them in my world, they keep mounting up. I give away what I can and send them to friends overseas, but there’s only so much of that you can do.

I will post some pics of my new office as soon as it’s done.







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