Goodbye old friend

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Goodbye old friend

Yesterday I had to take our twenty year old cat to the vet to be put to sleep. The poor old thing had been hanging on and on, but she was so thin and then Saturday night her back legs gave way and she could no longer stand.  It was heartbreaking. Tawny had been a stray in 1993. She was a sweet cat, but as a kitten she had the unusual habit of trying to suck our ear lobes. I remember my youngest son wanted her to sleep on his bed, but all night she kept attaching to his ears, so he had to put a sock over each ear to stop her. Thankfully she grew out of that habit. She outlived our six other cats, to be the last one standing, even though we’ve had two others live to twenty. It’s hard not to feel guilty, but there was nothing we could do for her. The vet said it was the kindest thing. An animal’s spirit never ceases to amaze me. They don’t know they’re old, or sick. They just want to go on and on. We’ll miss dear Tawny. She’s buried under the frangipani tree in the garden, where she used to lay in the sun. I’m hoping the tree will be a mass of blossom this spring in her honour.  Rest in Peace dear Tawny. We love you.

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An update. The frangipani tree had more flowers on it than ever before last spring.


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