Staircase to the Moon 2016

Staircase to the Moon 2016


Perth, Western Australia, 1913:

When her conservative family tries to force Emily into an arranged marriage with a much older, wealthy man, she decides to take destiny into her own hands and escape her strict father and overbearing brothers. She embarks on a ship to North-Western Australia to take up employment as a private seamstress for a large and rich farming family, who welcome her with open arms. Surrounded by the breathtakingly beautiful and remote landscapes of the Kimberly region, Emily starts to believe that happiness and love really are possible in her new life. But storm clouds are gathering, and as the men of Kimberley march off to war in Europe, Emily must step up to prove herself against all the odds.

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1941 When Lara Penrose is found guilty of a crime she didn’t commit, her prison term is commuted to two years teaching in a tiny community in the Northern Territory, Australia. Shady Camp billabong’s inhabitants are outnumbered by man eating crocodiles. Lara hires a handsome hunter to remove them and then finds herself in a love triangle with the hunter and the handsome local doctor. When a huge crocodile is thought to have taken the man she loves, and the Japanese bomb Darwin, her life is turned upside down once again.

Flight of the Jabiru 2015

Flight of the Jabiru


When Lara Penrose is found guilty of a crime she didn’t commit, her prison term is commuted to two years teaching in a tiny community in the Northern Territory, Australia. Shady Camp billabong’s inhabitants are outnumbered by man eating crocodiles. Lara hires a handsome hunter to remove them and then finds herself in a love triangle with the hunter and the handsome local doctor. When a huge crocodile is thought to have taken the man she loves, and the Japanese bomb Darwin, her life is turned upside down once again.

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Walkabout Country

Walkabout Country 2013

Walkabout Country

London. 1957. Erin Forsyth’s family own two art galleries in the London area – one in Knightsbridge and the other in White Chapel. When her playboy fiancé cheats on her, she takes revenge by outing him during their wedding ceremony before she runs away to outback Australia with her Uncle Cornelius who deals in precious gems. They set up shop in a dugout in the wild outback town of Coober Pedy, where life gets really interesting. Erin falls in love with Jonathan, an opal miner, who finds himself left with a half aboriginal girl when her father is killed in a fight with another opal dealer. Unbeknown to him, he’s also left in possession of one of the most precious opals ever found, the Olympic Australis and that puts his and Erin’s life in danger.

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Beyond the Red Horizon (2012)

 Beyond the Red Horizon

Nurse Elena Fabrizia and handsome doctor Lyle Macallister fall in love at the end of the war. Lyle goes home to break up with his Scottish sweetheart, but she tells him she’s pregnant. So he marries Millie and breaks Elena’s heart. Elena also discovers she’s having Lyle’s baby. Keeping the secret from everyone but her mother, she goes along with her father’s plan to marry an older Italian man. She passes the baby off as his and they all go to live in the Australian outback town of Winton. In a loveless marriage, on an isolated and unprofitable cattle property, life for Elena is unbearable. Meanwhile in Scotland, Lyle’s life is also tragic when he loses his only son with Millie. To escape, he takes up a position as a flying doctor in Australia where Elena’s first born is suffering a mystery illness. Lyle treats the boy, unaware that he’s his own flesh and blood. It’s jealous Millie who discovers the truth about the  boy and destroys many lives before Lyle and Elena find each other again.

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A Faraway Place in the Sun (2010)

Jacqueline Gordon-Smith’s family are fleeing an angry mob in Atlanta when the family car crashes, killing her mother and brother. Eighteen years later, after her wealthy husband has a ship board affair on the way to Australia, she finds herself alone and virtually penniless. She befriends two women set to marry lonely farmers and travels with them to the Flinders Ranges where she becomes a housekeeper for widower Ben Dulton. Determined to be rid of her, Ben’s four sons and an eccentric, aboriginal woman play numerous dirty tricks on her. But Jackie digs in, equally resolute to survive the endless heat, dust and flies, and prove she has worth. Jackie’s only consolation is the gorgeous Nick Dulton, Ben’s brother, who rescues her when she’s kidnapped by the local aboriginal clan. She discovers she’s pregnant to Nick, but the course to true love is not smooth when she must deal with a love rival, four hostile boys, and a repentant ex husband who’s been conned out of his money by the woman he threw Jackie over for.

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Scent of the Eucalyptus Blossom (2009)

Abigail Scottsdale is the beautiful daughter of a miner. Left alone after her father’s death, the elderly and unscrupulous mine owner lures her to his house and then drugs and marries her. Ebenezer dies on their wedding night, and fearing she is to be blamed, Abbey flees the estate. Meanwhile Ebenezer’s estranged son is outraged when he finds out his father’s young bride has inherited everything that belongs to him and sets out to put things right, anyway he can. Even though he believes Abbey is a cunning woman who likely killed his father, he believes courting her is the means to an end but she’s taken up the position of Jack Hawker’s mother’s companion on Bungaree Station. It’s a difficult position, as Sybil Hawker dislikes and distrusts her, and she also has Jack’s jealous girlfriend Clementine to deal with. Jack becomes protective of Abbey and it’s just as well as Heath had a deadly plan to execute.

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In the Shadow of the Tea Tree (2008)

German title: Im Schatten Des Teebaums.

When the “Tiger” is seen again in the Tantanoola area, young reporter, Eliza Dickens begs her boss for a chance to cover the story. Against his best judgment, he agrees, but Eliza’s mother is set against the idea. Eliza’s aunt has been a virtual recluse in the town of Tantanoola since a terrible accident twenty years earlier and Henrietta does not want Eliza to meet up with her aunt and find out the terrible family secret. With her father’s backing, Eliza sets off. Unable to find anywhere to stay, she ends up at the Hanging Rocks Inn, where Matilda lives. The two women form a bond, but when a man hired to hunt the tiger comes to stay, he and Eliza clash over the tiger’s future. A rival reporter makes life very hard for Eliza and an aboriginal artist she befriends. In the end, Eliza must not only save the ‘tiger’ from the hunter, a man she falls in love with, but also save Noah from the town’s prejudice.

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In The Valley of The Flaming Sun (2007)

German title: Im Tal Der Flammenden Sonne.

Arabella Fitzherbert falls from a train in the arid heart of an Australian desert. After being ‘herded’ by aboriginals to the ‘ugly’ town of Marree, she discovers they have been cut off from the rest of the world. The quirky townsfolk, including aboriginals and Afghan cameleers, are shocked by Arabella’s selfishness and she is appalled by the way they live. It isn’t until she finds out that she will not be rescued any time soon, that she is forced to adapt. Using her talent as a pianist, she tries to help Maggie and Tony save The Great Northern Hotel. In the process she grows up and falls in love with a resident photographer who opens her eyes to the beauty around her.

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Book 6

The Island of Red Earth (2006)

German title: Die Insel der roten Erde.

1845 Kangaroo Island.

Amelia Divine is spoilt, rich and has recently lost her family in a tragic accident. She’s travelling on a steamer to her guardians on Kangaroo Island when the ship strikes a hidden reef in a storm. She forces her companion Lucy to give up her place is a life raft for her, and finds herself one of only two survivors to be rescued by a lighthouse keeper from rocks. The other survivor is Sarah Jones, a parolee who is to serve out her term of imprisonment working for a widowed farmer with seven children on the island. When Amelia bumps her head and loses her memory, Sarah steals her identity, and thinks that is the last she’ll see of the haughty Miss Divine. But the two women’s lives are destined to be entwined in a tale of love, greed and deception.

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River of Fortune (2005)

German title: Am Fluss des Schicksals.

Joe Callaghan is in trouble when his daughter, Francesca, returns to the river port of Echuca, determined to help him. Three men vie for her attention, but it’s a lovable river captain who captures her heart. However, to save her father losing his paddle steamer, she becomes engaged to the unscrupulous Silas Hepburn. When Regina Radcliffe tries to stop her son pursuing Francesca, she discovers Francesca is the daughter she secretly gave birth to on the river bank and set afloat in a bath tub. Worse, Silas is the man she had a brief affair with and he’s Francesca’s real father.

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Stars in the Southern Sky (2004)

German title: Ein Hoffungsstern am Himmel.

Estella Lawson’s shallow husband wants a divorce to marry her rich cousin. She escapes to the most isolated outback town in Australia to take over her late father’s veterinary practice. Keeping her identity and pregnancy a secret, she tries to prove herself to the mistrustful locals, who have secrets of their own. Two men vie for her heart, but her troubles worsen when her husband comes to claim the baby so that her barren cousin can inherit a fortune.

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Sunset Over Eden (2003)

German title: Im Glanz der roten Sonne.

Jordan Hale returns to Eden, the decaying cane farm he left after his parents died. He plans to restore the property to its former glory, and destroy his parent’s enemy, the powerful Max Courtland. He finds support in a bunch of courageous men and falls in love with the mysterious, independent Eve. The truth about Eve is shocking and Max’s wife divulges a secret that puts all their lives in danger.

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In The Heart of a Sunburned Land (2002)

German title: Der Ruf des Abendvogels.

Tara Killain is assaulted on the family estate in Ireland and runs off with gypsies. Through a twist of fate she finds out an aunt in outback Australia needs her help. When her ship sinks off the coast she becomes responsible for two orphans. They reach Tambora to find the property is almost bankrupt. With the help of the enigmatic local camel driving hero, Tara does all in her power to save the cattle farm.

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A Woman For All Seasons (2001)

German title: Im Land des Eukalyptusbaums.

After being fired from every position she has held in England, Nola Grayson, a woman with revolutionary ideas on teaching, is hired as a teacher/governess to the Hartford children on Reinhart Station in outback Australia, or so she thought. When she arrives, she finds out a man was expected, and she is told to return home. Determined to stay, she has to fight the prejudices of the station owner and the children’s father, two men with dark secrets, as well as the elements of a drought stricken land. She also has to bond with the Hartford children and deal with cattle rustlers and being kidnapped by a tribal aborigine.

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  1. I have a new release in August. Jenseits des Leuchtenden Horizonts. Look out for it.

    Elizabeth Haran.

    • Great!!! 😀

    • what is the name of your new book?

      • Hi, Elena. my latest German release is Jenseits des leuchtenden Horizonts. It came out in August.
        My latest Spanish book, coming out in October is called El Brillo de la Estrella de Sur.
        I hope this is helpful. All the best, Elizabeth.

  2. The site looks wonderful. It is very modern. I love the colours.

    • Thanks, Carola.

  3. Hi Elizabeth,
    today I got the message from Germany that from tomorrow on (17.5.13 ) the Kangaroo Island book “Island whispers in the wind” is finally to get in English but as E-book !!!, is it to get as paperback as well and where in Adelaide can I get it? I am happy for you that this book and others are finally to get in English. Congratulations. A lot of my friends waited for it for how many years?
    cheers Gisela Robinson
    Kangaroo Island

    • Did you see the book on my English e-books page, Gisela? I have emailed you.

      • Is it possible to get your books in English in paperback version?? Really want to get them as a gift for some one who is strongly opposed to ereaders :/

        • Hi, Emma, unfortunately my English books are not out in paperback version. Sorry. I wish they were because quite a few people would prefer to read them that way. I’m hoping it happens one day.
          best wishes from Oz Elizabeth.

  4. Dear Elizabeth, I LOVE all your wonderful books & Website :) Best wishes from me :)

    • Thanks, Magdalena. Good luck with your books, too. All the best from Oz, Elizabeth.

  5. Haven’t heard or seen you since the days on flork. I see you have many books in Germàn on the amazons site.

    • Hi, Bill. Haven’t been on flork for years. There wasn’t much discussion about writing. But I’ve now written fourteen novels and still going. Thanks for looking me up. Hope you are keeping well.
      all the best, Elizabeth.

  6. hi there. thank you so much for writing these books. i really enjoyed reading them! best wishes from switzerland, mirjam

    • Thank you, Mirjam. I love hearing that my books are being enjoyed. All best wishes from South Australia, Elizabeth.

  7. Hallo Frau Haran,

    Ihre Bücher lese ich sehr gern und habe fast alle,
    ab und zu auch doppelt.
    Ich hoffe sie schreiben noch viel mehr.
    Freundliche Grüße


    • Thank you, Vida. I’m finishing another book and I have a new release in February. All the best from Oz.

  8. I would like to read any of your books in Swedish or English on A woman for all seasons. Got your name on IT on that title. Yours Åke

    • Hi, Ake, A Woman for All Seasons isn’t available in English or Swedish, unfortunately. It was my very first book. It was released in German only. I have four titles in English with another coming out in two weeks. They are Under a Flaming Sky, River of Fortune, Whispers in the Wind, and Flight of the Jabiru. They are available as e-book downloads. The new release is Staircase to the Moon. I hope this is helpful. All the best, Elizabeth

  9. Dear Elizabeth, thank you for all of your books. I love them and the latest one (was released in February 2016) I just “inhaled” within a few days. Waiting for more of you (hopefully). I read all of your books, I love the way you describe your characters and how the stories develop. Well done!
    May I ask you, I was looking for your books in English, but most titles are only available in German, how come? Now I read them all and I hope you’ll be soon publishing another one – you’re my favorite author.
    All the best for you from Switzerland, Petra

    • Dear Petra,

      Lovely to hear from you and that you enjoy my books. I have five titles out in English now, as e-books, including Staircase to the Moon. I must put them up on this site. You can get them on as well as in some e-books stores like Kobo. Luckily for me I seem to be popular in Switzerland. Please look me up on facebook where I usually put my books up with release dates.
      All the best from South Australia, Elizabeth.

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