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This book is set in 1866 in Echuca, on the River Murray.  To be released in May, 2013

Joe Callaghan is in trouble when his daughter, Francesca, returns to the river port of Echuca, determined to help him. Three men vie for her attention, but it’s a lovable river captain who captures her heart. However, to save her father losing his paddle steamer, she becomes engaged to the unscrupulous Silas Hepburn. When Regina Radcliffe tries to stop her son pursuing Francesca, she discovers Francesca is the daughter she secretly gave birth to on the river bank and set afloat in a bath tub. Worse, Silas is the man she had a brief affair which makes the man Francesca loathes her real father.


Haran_FlamingSky_Logo1UNDER A FLAMING SKY

This book is set in Maree in the 1930′s. To be released in May, 2013

Arabella Fitzherbert falls from a train in the arid heart of an Australian desert. After being ‘herded’ by aboriginals to the ‘ugly’ town of Marree, she discovers they have been cut off from the rest of the world. The quirky townsfolk, including aboriginals and Afghan cameleers, are shocked by Arabella’s selfishness and she is appalled by the way they live. It isn’t until she finds out that she will not be rescued any time soon, that she is forced to adapt. Using her talent as a pianist, she tries to help Maggie and Tony save The Great Northern Hotel. In the process she grows up and falls in love with a resident photographer who opens her eyes to the beauty around her.



This book is set in 1845 on Kangaroo Island, off the South Australian coast.  To be released in May, 2013

Amelia Divine is spoilt, rich and has recently lost her family in a tragic accident. She’s travelling on a steamer to her guardians on Kangaroo Island when the ship strikes a hidden reef in a storm. She forces her companion Lucy to give up her place is a life raft for her, and finds herself one of only two survivors to be rescued by a lighthouse keeper from rocks. The other survivor is Sarah Jones, a parolee who is to serve out her term of imprisonment working for a widowed farmer with seven children on the island. When Amelia bumps her head and loses her memory, Sarah steals her identity, and thinks that is the last she’ll see of the haughty Miss Divine. But the two women’s lives are destined to be entwined in a tale of love, greed and deception.




Flight of the Jabiru


This book is set in Darwin in the 1940’s. It was released in February 2015

Lara Penrose upsets the powerful father of one of her students and is banished to the Top End of Australia to teach in a quaint village on the Mary River.  After a close encounter with a huge crocodile she hires a handsome crocodile hunter to rid the village of the menacing creatures that number in their hundreds. Lara is taken with rugged Rick Marshall but the village doctor falls in love with her and the two men vie for her heart. Lara chooses Rick but she almost loses her life in the bombing of Darwin and then she’s told that Rick has been taken by the giant crocodile. Broken hearted she returns to her sick father in England, uncaring that she may have to finish her sentence in an English prison. It’s there her life and what she always believed is turned upside down again.  Fate again brings her back to Australia, where she fears she’ll find only ghosts. But once again the past has a way of catching up and not everything is at it seems.


Released February 2016.

Staircase to the Moon

Perth, Western Australia, 1913:

When her conservative family tries to force Emily into an arranged marriage with a much older, wealthy man, she decides to take destiny into her own hands and escape her strict father and overbearing brothers. She embarks on a ship to North-Western Australia to take up employment as a private seamstress for a large and rich farming family, who welcome her with open arms. Surrounded by the breathtakingly beautiful and remote landscapes of the Kimberly region, Emily starts to believe that happiness and love really are possible in her new life. But storm clouds are gathering, and as the men of Kimberley march off to war in Europe, Emily must step up to prove herself against all the odds.


  1. Time to buy a kindle. Congrats. It is so great you are out in English, now.

  2. The colours are just amazing in all the photos. Makes me want to travel to the outback and see Australia!!!!

  3. I agree wirh Kate. Wish I was over there. That is why this is something special. I just feel like I am one of the characters. I wish I would be the main part of ‘River of Fortune’! You are so talented, Elizabeth. Ahhhh.

  4. Sooo great to see you got them in English now!!!
    Still a big fan of the german versions but i will read the english ones too :))

    • Hi, Kat, I hope you enjoy the English books, but yes, please keeping reading the German versions too.

      All the best, Elizabeth.

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    Just posted a review of your wonderful novel. I look forward to reading more of your works. I loved your voice.
    Karen Laird
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    • Thank you, Karen. So happy to hear you enjoyed one of my books. I hope you enjoy more. I’ll check out your blogs.
      All the best, Elizabeth.

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