Scrap Book


My brother, Peter, who is an artist and author, sister, Kate, and me.

LCG-5 (1)

Taken at Largs Bay in South Australia, my home.


Me, my niece Ivana and sister, Kate.

Me, my niece Ivana and sister, Kate.

My mum aged 21

My grandmother on the stage aged 21

Mum and dad’s wedding in early 1950’s

Max, our protector. He takes his job very seriously.



  1. Wow, your sister and neice are good looking too!!

    • Must be in the genes, Kate.

  2. I know …Max takes his job seriously……. Love the Scrap Book and didn’t know till the other day that you ‘wrote’. will have to give you a read.. Love your website too Cheers Sandy

    • Thanks Sandy. (and Spike) Wouldn’t Spike love to know that Max is so jealous of him? Guess size doesn’t matter in the dog world, either.

  3. Dygtah tmurby

    Haha. This was Nola. She wanted to say that she loves Max. Nola just wanted to take him out of this computer, haha, …

    • He probably looks like a big black and white panda to Nola.

  4. You might be right as she is used to go into the zoo and she really loves it to be there. But it was so funny to see that she really tried to pick up Max. I said: This is aunty Lizzie and she had nothing better to do as to be focused onto the cutest dog, haha. So sweet. And when mum types someting she has to do the same. Haha.

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