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I have one book out in Spanish, with a new one being released in October.  River Of Fortune was released in Spain in August last year. It seems to have been doing very well, particularly in kindle, so I’m very excited about the new release, Beyond the Red Horizon. I was following River of Fortune on kindle and at one point saw it at number 2 in all kindle books on, which was thrilling. I know it stayed in the top one hundred for quite some time. As an author it’s so encouraging to see your books do well, and disheartening if they do not. After spending nearly a year on a book, it’s very difficult to be objective about it.  If I’m in a positive mood, I read back what I’ve written and think, ‘yeah’ I like this. If I’m in a less positive mood, I think it’s a load of …. Fortunately, I’m a fairly positive person most of the time, and I’ve realized over time that I can’t please everyone. So I just do the best I can.

346 Friends Coleen and Paul Roddam were recently in Barcelona and searched books stores to find River of Fortune. They sent me this pic. As I’m not published in Australia, its always a thrill to see my books in the shops. I saw lots of wonderful pics they took of Barcelona. It looks like an amazing city. Thanks Coleen and Paul.  My Spanish editor, Carol Paris has warmly welcomed me to Ediciones B publishing house. I feel very fortunate to be one of their authors and look forward to a long and happy association.



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