Staircase to the Moon

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If you are wondering what’s happened to me, we’ve had a long, cold winter, so it’s been good working weather. On the downside there’s been no incentive to get out into the world. I’ve completed three quarters of  Staircase to the Moon and it’s going quite well.

Max, my poor old dog is getting old and has been sick.  He’s nine and a half now, very grey and limps quite often. My brother has been ill with pneumonia, quite a worry, but at least he’s stopped smoking. He’s a Vietnam veteran so I’m not sure how he’ll go giving up smoking. He started when he joined the army at eighteen and he’s well into his sixties now.

Spring is upon us and I’m eager to finish the book and go away for awhile. I haven’t decided where yet, but will probably end up in Queensland visiting my sister after researching an area for a new book. I also haven’t a clue where that will be yet.  I’ve got a cruise to New Zealand to look forward to in the New Year. It’ll be my first cruise, not counting our migration to Australia, and my first trip to New Zealand. Can’t wait!


  1. Thanks for sharing

  2. Dear Elizabeth, having read all of your books (in German) I hardly can wait to get my hands on your next “masterpiece”. Each and every of your book has that special excitement from the first to the last page. As a native Swiss-German I have no trouble reading the books in German, but wonder why they are not available in English and for purchase here in Australia?
    Looking forward to your next book.
    Kind regards, Marlies Gehrig

    • Dear Marlies,
      Some of my books are available on e-reader in English, but not in print in English as I don’t have an Australian Publisher. I’m out in ten languages, but not English. Strange I know, since I only speak
      English, but the publishing business is a tough world. Perhaps one day…
      I just had a look at your lovely B&B in Cairns. Next time I’m up there I will come and stay with you, and bring some books. Not sure when that will be. Your place looks really beautiful. What a lovely life you have.
      Lovely to hear from you,
      all the best, Elizabeth.

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