Staircase to the Moon

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Hi, Still working on Staircase to the Moon. Running very late with my deadline but so many dramas have gotten in the way. That’s life with families, but it’s made focussing very difficult. Anyway, I think I’m back on track. The weather is beautiful on this side of the world. Christmas is rushing at us at the rate of knots. Bring on the New Year I say, and a much calmer life. This year has been hard for so many people I know. Friends have lost their partners to cancer. Other elderly friends haven’t been well. I have been asking myself if this is the stage of life I’ve reached when these things start happening. Perhaps it is. What happened to the Golden Years!  I’m not quite Golden but aren’t we supposed to have less worries as we approach middle age? Let’s hope so.

On a more relaxing note we’re getting all the re-runs of the Rocky movies on TV. I am a big Sylvester Stallone fan. Seeing the early Rocky movies has been great. They’re such inspirational stories and boy was Sylvester gorgeous in his younger days. I had such a big crush on him. I’m also loving the Expendables. Sylvester Stallone is still a hunk in my book.

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